Sanjoanne Terroir Mineral 2020

Quinta Sanjoanne Terroir Mineral 2020

Price: $26.03 (including tax and delivery fees)
Channel: Buyers + Cellars

Producer: Casa de Cello
Country: Portugal
Region: Amarante
Appellation: Vinho Verde

Grapes: Loureiro, Avesso
Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%
Sugar Content: <1.5 grams per Litre

The Terroir Mineral is a Vinho Verde because it is made within the boundaries of the region in Northern Portugal, and it is made from two of the half dozen or so grapes that are allowed within the appellation. But it isn’t like most Vinho Verde wines for a number of reasons. The two grapes used, Loureiro and Avesso are the two most round and mellow that can be found in the appellation. It’s made absolutely bone dry, and there is CO2 added, nor secondary fermentation in the bottle, to give it a bit of fizz. This probably why the producer keeps the Vinho Verde accreditation on the back the label, calls it simply ‘Branco’ on the front, and uses a Burgundy style bottle.

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet: or lemony and a little flinty as is the case. This is a lovely dry table wine that wakes up the palate with a vibrant acidity. It can easily be served as an aperitif with charcuterie and salty snacks, a companion to any manner of seafood, or grilled cheese sandwich.

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