Planeta Frappato 2019

Planeta Frappato Vittoria 2019

Price: $22.95
Channel: LCBO Vintages

Producer: Planeta
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Appellation: Vittoria DOC

Grapes: Frappato
Alcohol by Volume: 13%
Sugar Content: 3 grams per Litre

Planeta is both one Sicily’s great pioneering modern wineries and one of its great innovators. Led by the late Diego Planeta, in the last quarter of the 20th century they planted international grape varieties and helped lead the movement that proved Sicily could produce fine table wines. In this century, led by Diego’s daughter Francesca and nephew Alessio, Planeta has helped lead the movement that has proved the indigenous varieties of Sicily can make very fine wines indeed, like this Frappato from the Southeast end of the island.

The family business is also a model of intelligent and sustainable growth. Their approach has been open new wineries and develop vineyards across Sicily, rather than consolidating the original family estate near Sambucca. The result is a collection of five boutique Planeta wineries, spread around the island, each fulfilling an oneological role and producing particular wines, made from particular grapes suited to each place, but with a uniform standard of quality. If brand is a promise, then Planeta keeps it.

Frappato is the Sicilian miracle grape that somehow makes light and refreshing wines in a warm climate, that’s closer to Africa than Florence. The Planeta Frappato Vittoria DOC 2019 is lively with red forest fruit, like raspberry and strawberry, and a touch of floral, almost peperry, character that reminds me of hibiscus. It has good mouth watering acidity that’s ready for food like grilled chicken. For best results, open it and give it half an our in the fridge before serving so it has what wine writers vaguely call ‘a slight chill’, and it’s perfect for dinner in the garden on a warm and sultry summer evening.